Love Never Fails, Clarence Stewart

This magnificent piece of art work is brand new and has never been framed.  It is a part of a Limited Edition Art sale.  What is Limited Edition Art you ask.....  A wide variety of art reproductions are on the market today.  Many are published in an unlimited quantity year after year, known as an open edition.  Limited edition prints, however, are produced in a certain quantify and on a one time-basis.  Once the relatively low supply is depleted, the demand and value for the print rises thus establishing "a collector's market."  All of our limited edition prints are printed on 100% acid free paper with fade resistant inks.

All items are shipped Priority Mail and I will be very happy to combine all items to save on shipping/handling charges. 

This piece, "Love Never Fails," comes from a Limited Edition of 2500, that was printed in 1998 and is signed and number by the artist, Clarence Stewart.  It is 22" (L) x 18 1/2" (D) full dimensions and 20" (L) x 14 1/2" (D) image size.  It says:

Love Never Fails

1 Cor. 13:19

Please ask any and all questions you may have prior to purchase.  I try very hard to provide all the information I believe you may need, but if I have missed something, please let me know.  You, my customers are very important to me and I am happy and satisfied with a sale, only when you are.  An informed customer is a happy customer, so please, again, ask any questions you may have, please ask. 

Love Never Fails, Clarence Stewart
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